Castaños, Diana (2019): The Price of Being Young. Translated by William Bainbridge. Leiden: Bokeh [978-94-93156-04-3 | bokeh fiction | paperback | 96 pages | 17.00 EUR / 18.50 USD / 16.50 GBP]

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Diana Castaños (Havana, Cuba, 1986). Author and journalist of a substantial body of literary work, she has published the fictional novels No hay tiempo para festejos (2017, Calendar Award), Josefina (2017, Pinos Nuevos Award), Cuerpo de mujer, blancas colinas (2018) and Yo sé por qué bala la oveja mansa (2019, Bokeh), now translated into English as The Price of Being Young. She has also received the Florentino Morales Literary Research Award (2013) and the Memory Award for Investigative Journalism (2016). She lives in Münster, Germany.