Lukić, Neva (2018): Endless Endings. Translated by Jeremy White. Leiden: Bokeh [ISBN 978-94-91515-98-9 | bokeh fiction | paperback | 168 pages | 17.50 EUR / 18.50 USD / 16.50 GBP]

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«Endless Endings is an unusual literary work which combines poetry and fiction, contemporaneity and tradition. Some of the themes have been intertwined throughout Neva Lukić’s work ever since she started writing: questioning the possibility of communication between people and the tendency towards fantasy. The author plays with the traditional genres such as fairy tale, myth, story and poem, and contemplates the issues of contemporary everyday life in the unusual frames of fantasy.» (Vesna Solar)

Neva Lukić (Zagreb, 1982) has published four books in the Croatian language (poetry & short stories) and a children’s picture book. The collection of poems Haljina obscura received a prize for young poets from Matrix Croatica cultural society (2010). Endless Endings is the translation of a collection of short stories entitled More i zaustavljene priče, published by the Croatian Writers’ Society (Zagreb, 2016) and republished by Treći Trg (Belgrade, 2018). Since 2011 Lukić has lived in the Netherlands, and Endless Endings in a certain way reflects her expat experience.